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Disclose Defects

Always, and I mean always, clearly disclose any past defects in the property.  Many sellers feel that they are better to fudge and fix a leaky roof, paint over the stained ceiling and pretend that it never happened.  Buyers will occaisionally have some feelings of remorse after buying a home, because a home can be a big responsibility.  Michigan Law requires a full disclosure to the buyer of a home (text version of the law :: adobe pdf version of the law with disclosure form).  Failure to make a fair and full disclosure sets you both up for potentially expensive legal fights down the road.  You are much better to disclose the true history of your home.  You will find a buyer that wants it as is and with full knowledge, and you are much better to accept that buyer, even if the price is not quite as good.  Trust me, you will be glad you were honest and up front if there have been problems with the home.