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Other Options

Sure there are other options: You can use another site like homesbyowner.com for your west Michigan for sale by owner (fsbo) property. They offer other services that we do not, but they also start at nearly $600. You can go with someone like ownershelper.com and they offer “discount realtor (r) services,” but their tier one starts at $2,500. And of course you can list with any realtor (r) you choose, but then you will pay a commission. Yes you have options, but we think our services are the best for someone interested in gaining exposure while keeping the profits in their own pocket.

We do not for a minute pretend that we are all that these other services are. We are a means for you to get a listing out. We certainly encourage you to send your listing link to all of your friends and email contact as they may in turn know someone interested in your home. You link will look like this: ownersconnect.com/?p=12

One of the primary advantages of using our service is that once you put your property’s web address in the paper or other advertising, prospective buyers can have a detailed look at your property description. It will leverage your newspaper advertisement because you will be able to pass more information without increasing the cost of the ad. Having someone visit our page to look at your property will save you a lot of the calls from people who turn out to be looking for something different. If you include good photos, your description will draw in serious buyers who cannot tell enough from your text advertisement in the Grand Rapids Press, Muskegon Chronical, Advance Newspaper or Holland Sentinal.