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Register a Property Description: If you wish to place your property on our site to gain exposure to buyers who wish to buy a home, we invite you to submit a description. Please use our submission form.

It will ask you for most of the following information:

  1. The Date
  2. Your Name
  3. Your Home, Business and Cell Phone Numbers
  4. Your Email Address
  5. Type of Garage
  6. Property Address including street number, street, zip
  7. Type of Home
  8. Asking Price
  9. Terms of Sale (cash, buyer’s mortgage, land contract)
  10. Earliest Possession Date
  11. Number of Bedrooms
  12. Number of Bathrooms
  13. Approximate Age
  14. Any Significant Defects Or Items Needing Repair
  15. School System
  16. Photographs (six maximum) in .jpg format (instructions for submission will follow)

At the moment we are providing each placement for free and waiving our $75 fee, but we may discontinue free descriptions on ten days advance notice, although we doubt we will do so for any listing. You agree to provide accurate information, hold us harmless and defend us from any claims of misrepresentation in the sale of your property, and to advise us promptly if the home is sold. We retain the right to show your home on our site after it sells, provided it is marked as sold.

You must include the web address ownersconnect.com in each advertisement you purchase and on any flyer you hand out while your home is shown on our page.

We are not realtors (r) and we will only place a description of your property on this site. We will take no other action to expose your property for sale. We are not able to and will not place your property on any listing service.

We are not entitled to anything except the $75 fee we charge for placement on this page (currently being waived for the first fifty properties placed on our site).

Please use our submission form.